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You may use XChat for Windows for free for 30 days. If, after this time, you would like to continue using the product, you are required to register. Registration is a one time fee of 19.99 USD (US Dollars) which can be paid using the PayPal service below.

Please enquire by email (address) for discounted multi-user corporate or small business licenses.

Click the PayPal button below to begin the payment process, it's quick and easy.

* PayPal Logo Don't worry, a PayPal account isn't necessary, you can make a secure one-time payment with a credit card or bank account after clicking the link.

After your payment has cleared, you will receive your license key file via email within 24 hours (usually earlier). Be sure to use a working email address during the payment process, so that we may reach you. Please email address if you have any difficulties.

FAQQuestions and Answers

Q. If I register, will I get future versions for free?
A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. Why can't XChat for Windows be free?
A. It's free to try for the first 30 days! Developing XChat for Windows is a difficult process, it requires quite some skill and expertise to accomplish. We ask for a small fee that helps continue development and cover expenses.

Q. Does registration entitle me to technical support?
A. We ask you to evaluate the product for free for 30 days to make sure it suites your needs. We're happy to answer any email questions, but there is also another good source of help and information: the public forums.

Q. Which versions of Windows does XChat work on?
A. Nearly any version you'd care to run it on, including: Q. What about the LGPL libraries you link with?
A. The source code is here if you wish to download it. The bugs I've fixed have already been submitted to the relevant bugzillas with patches. The readme.html file has further details. This file is not useful for the average user, if in doubt, you don't need this :)

Q. I've previously registered, but lost my key file, can I have it resent?
A. We can only resend key files that have been purchased within the last 60 days. Please email address if this applies to you. If it's been longer than 60 days, unfortunately you will have to register again.

There's also the main FAQ for information on using xchat's features.