Debugging on Windows

When a crash occurs, Windows should display a dialog window such as the one below. Click the "click here" link to open the second window.
Please send me the following information:
  • (a) The ModVer (e.g. is actually XChat 2.4.5c)
  • (b) The Offset.
  • (c) The ModName.
Please send the above by email to and try to describe what you were doing when the crash occured.

Debugging on Linux/Unix (gdb)

  1. X-Chat is a free program, we need your help to debug it!
  2. Find the location of the xchat binary (probably /usr/bin/xchat)
  3. Type gdb xchat
  4. Type run
  5. Use X-Chat normally, but only connect to servers via their IP number. It won't resolve hostnames while through gdb.
  6. Once a crash occurs, go back to gdb and type bt, capture the output and email it to me: .