xchat auth

xchat auth is a simple fake-ident program. This means you can use any username in xchat without the ~ infront of your username, and the auth port will only be open while xchat is actually connecting to a server. It should be used on machines with only 1 user!

This is highly experimental software! It must be made suidroot, therefore there is a danger of buffer overflow, and getting hacked. USE AT OWN RISK!


1) download xchat_auth.c

2) compile it:
			gcc xchat_auth.c -o xchat_auth

3) copy the binary into your $HOME/auth/, e.g.
			mkdir ~/auth
			cp xchat_auth ~/auth/

4) make the binary suid-root, e.g.
			chown root xchat_auth
			chgrp root xchat_auth
			chmod +s xchat_auth